Emerging Markets in The Next Decade

Download PDF: Monthly_202001 In this first publication for 2020, we are outlining our bullish view on selected EM countries which will likely benefit as investors diversify from U.S. equities. It has been pretty much a consensus by now that risk assets will likely to do well this year, with some strategists betting on the value/growthContinue reading “Emerging Markets in The Next Decade”

Checking the Pulse on Global Economy: Strategy for 2020

Download PDF: monthly_201912 Risk aversion has come down of late, as highlighted by the rebound in real yield from a deep negative level in G7 economies ex-Italy. The improving global outlook despite apparent weakness in credit Chinese data, however, is concerning. The less forceful and diminishing stimulus administered by the Chinese government in the lastContinue reading “Checking the Pulse on Global Economy: Strategy for 2020”

October 2019: 1st Anniversary of Putamen Capital

Download PDF: Monthly_201910 Risk and Return This month marks the 1st anniversary of Putamen Capital, with Putamen Growth Fund (PGF), our sole and flagship fund, recorded 34.15% return between October 24th, 2018 and September 30th, 2019. Since the inception, we have been exploring various type of equity, option and volatility strategy across developed and emergingContinue reading “October 2019: 1st Anniversary of Putamen Capital”

August 2019: The Long View, Turkey and Revisiting This Year Investment Thesis

Read in PDF: Monthly 201908 As bond yields continue to stumble globally, we expect that more SWF and pension fund will divert allocation from fixed income to both public and private equity, which would be a boon for the deepening of stock market globally. Holding developed countries’ government bond is a sure way of losingContinue reading “August 2019: The Long View, Turkey and Revisiting This Year Investment Thesis”

Lessons from Past Equity Market Responses During Periods of High Inflation

Download PDF: Market Responses During Periods of High Inflation Recent crisis in Argentina and Turkey have left me wonder, why does equity markets in local currency terms always corrects during periods of high inflation although in the medium-term corporates are able to maintain their margin through gradual increase of price of their products? My logicContinue reading “Lessons from Past Equity Market Responses During Periods of High Inflation”

June 2019: Searching For The Tipping Point

Download PDF: Monthly_201906 Theme 1: Long Selected Undervalued Countries and Short U.S. Equities. This week U.S. PMI data shows a significant slowdown in the expansion of U.S. economy (manufacturing PMI 50.6 in May 2019 from 56 in the beginning of the year), raising the odds of undershoot of earnings forecast of U.S equities and theContinue reading “June 2019: Searching For The Tipping Point”

Qualitative Screening on Countries Equity Valuation

In this post we highlight several countries equity market and their valuation that we found to be attractive to go long. The countries covered are Brazil, Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and the US. From a cycle point of view, Brazilian equity is in a tough spot. We expect the economy toContinue reading “Qualitative Screening on Countries Equity Valuation”

EM Country Overview: Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Russia

Download PDF: Q12019_LATAM_EMEA_Update A revisit of our investment thesis on emerging markets equities Mexico + (Overweight) Last year Mexican stocks were among the worst performer in the EM universe for two main reasons. First, the domestic economy is experiencing a sharp slowdown from industrial and oil production. Second, the increase in global risk aversion hasContinue reading “EM Country Overview: Mexico, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Russia”

Putamen Capital: February 2019 Update

Our decision last month to portfolio equity allocation proved to be a correct one, despite our model suggesting a very defensive position. Emerging Markets and U.S. equity rallied on the backdrop of Fed dovishness and signs of reflation coming from China, the largest importer for many EM countries. We still believe that the growth slowdownContinue reading “Putamen Capital: February 2019 Update”