Specialist in Global Macro and Quantitative Research

Specialist in Global Macro and Quantitative Research

Putamen Capital is an independent research firm focusing on global macro and quantitative equity research.

What We Do

Our investment process starts with understanding where we are in the cycle and the outlook for fiscal and monetary policies. Only by understanding the terrain ahead we could provide asset allocation strategy that allows for capital compounding while limiting downside risks. Learn more in the Investment Strategy section.

Utilizing quantitative tools in our stock selection process allows us to screen and monitor development of close to a thousand North American equities. Our quantamental stock ranking model has been tested across the cycles and is the backbone of our bottom-up equity portfolio construction. Learn more in the Quantitative Model section.

Researchers at heart, at Putamen Capital we continuously assess our asset allocation mix, equity sector positioning, and stock selection. In addition, we always strive to improve our portfolio constituents by constantly looking for attractive opportunities in the equity and commodity market. Find more of our ideas in the Research section

Research Highlight

Our Service

Macro Monthly

A discussion and our view on the U.S. business cycle, policies, and select development outside North America

S&P 500 Stock Ranking

Monthly update on our quantamental ranking for stocks included in the S&P 500 index.

S&P/TSX Stock Ranking

Monthly update on our quantamental ranking for stocks included in the S&P/TSX index.

Equity Insights

A qualitative research on sector outlook and related stock selection in conjunction of our quantitative equity ranking.

We understand that constructing a portfolio that does well across the cycle is a difficult endeavor. Our goal is to provide macro and quantitative equity research for you to build portfolio that not only outperforms the benchmark, but also protects capital from material downside risk.

We are a group of friend and former colleague that loves debating issues in the market while also managing our personal capital. Our background varies from macro research in a boutique firm, equity research for a large bank, to managing money for high net worth clients. All of us hold the CFA® designation, and some also hold the FRM® and CAIA® charter.

Our Recent Research and Investment Ideas

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