Specialist in Global Macro and Volatility Fund

Specialist in Global Macro and Volatility Fund

Putamen Capital is an emerging private hedge fund founded in 2018 with a strong quantitative and qualitative approach in decision making.

What We Do

We manage private capital of our partners, friends and family. Currently we are in the process of building track-record prior to offering our funds for institutional investors.

Researcher at heart, at Putamen Capital we continuously seek for macro investment opportunities in every cycle. Find more of our ideas on the Research and Investment Management section

We develop robust quantitative models to screen for investment opportunities and is the backbone of our Quant fund. Learn more at the Quantitative Model section.

Research Highlight

Putamen Capital in Numbers


return since inception (October 2018 -Feb 2021)


quantitative models


original investment ideas


dedication from our managers

We understand that finding a good investment manager is hard. We strive to deliver excellent investment performance and quality service for our clients worldwide.

  • Ethical
    • At Putamen Capital, we are adherent to the highest ethical standards, guided by the principles of CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Experienced
    • Our decision makers have a variety of financial-industry background, ranging from top down global macro to bottom-up equity analysis.
  • Highly Qualified
    • Our research team members have undergone a rigorous training from top business schools and holds various prestigious certification such as CFA®, FRM® and CAIA® charter.

Our Recent Research and Investment Ideas

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