Lessons from Japan: Automation and Reshoring of Supply Chain

Download PDF: There are two main drivers of global deflationary trend in the past 30 years: rising global trade allowed by the shift towards greater openness in China and former Soviet countries and the explosion of productive-age population facilitated by the baby boomer generation (Chart 1). In 1989, the wage gap between the developed worldContinue reading “Lessons from Japan: Automation and Reshoring of Supply Chain”

August 2020: Gathering Thoughts and Some Investment Ideas

Download PDF: The Money Flow: How the Money Goes Around From a macro perspective, there is only three players that drive the economy and financial markets in a country: households, private corporations (including banks) and the government. Each player’s action impacts the other and altogether they drive the economic machine of supply and demand, andContinue reading “August 2020: Gathering Thoughts and Some Investment Ideas”

Qualitative Screening on Countries Equity Valuation

In this post we highlight several countries equity market and their valuation that we found to be attractive to go long. The countries covered are Brazil, Canada, Germany, UK, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and the US. From a cycle point of view, Brazilian equity is in a tough spot. We expect the economy toContinue reading “Qualitative Screening on Countries Equity Valuation”