Where Is The Correction?

Download PDF: For over a year, investors have been rewarded for tilting their portfolio towards risk assets on the backdrop of plentiful support for households from the government’s generous fiscal transfer that supported spending and Fed’s support on the credit market, preventing a crunch in liquidity of the debt market. The unprecedented fiscal and monetaryContinue reading “Where Is The Correction?”

Peru: Latin America’s Growth Star

Download PDF: For long investors have regarded Chile and Peru as one of the more stable Latam countries, as reflected in these countries’ borrowing cost and disciplined management of fiscal and monetary policy. Late last year, however, Peru went through a political crisis over the impeachment of former President Vizcarra by the Congress over corruptionContinue reading “Peru: Latin America’s Growth Star”

Equity Market Correction: Historical Performance of S&P500 Following Greater Than 3% Weekly Loss

Read the article in PDF (with tables): Risk Management Report on February Market Correction February 6th, 2018 Findings: 2 consecutive weekly losses greater than 3% is rare (1% of the time) and 3 consecutive losses is even more scarce (0.2% of the time) The 3 consecutive losses greater than 3% were always happening during recessionary periodContinue reading “Equity Market Correction: Historical Performance of S&P500 Following Greater Than 3% Weekly Loss”

Equity Research Report: Telekomunikasi Indonesia 3Q17

Read better with the PDF file: TKM Report Telkom Indonesia: Cheap Valuation Despite Strong Performance Recommendation: BUY Target Price                                        : Rp 5.580 Closing Price                                      : Rp 4440 Upside (Downside) Potential             : +25.8% Company Profile PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk offers telecommunications and network services. The Company’s segments include Corporate, Home, Personal and Others. TheContinue reading “Equity Research Report: Telekomunikasi Indonesia 3Q17”

Equity Research Report: Metrodata Electronics 3Q17

Download the Report in PDF: MTDL Report METRODATA ELECTRONICS Tbk: Valuation   MTDL.IJ (Indonesian Equity) Recommendation: BUY Target Price                                        : Rp 930 Closing Price                                      : Rp 595 Upside (Downside) Potential             : 57.0% Company Profile PT Metrodata Electronics Tbk is an Indonesia-based information technology company. It is engaged in the provision of IT productsContinue reading “Equity Research Report: Metrodata Electronics 3Q17”

Equity Research Report: Emergent Biosolutions 3Q17

Download the Report in PDF: EBS Report  Download the Valuation in Excel: Emerging Biosolutions Valuation Emergent Biosolutions Inc.: 3Q17 Recommendation: BUY Target Price                                        : $49.86 Closing Price                                      : $40.86 Upside (Downside) Potential             : 22.0% Company Profile Emergent BioSolutions Inc. develops, manufactures, and commercializes immunobiotics such as vaccines and immune globulins that assist the body’s immuneContinue reading “Equity Research Report: Emergent Biosolutions 3Q17”

Equity Research Report: Addus HomeCare 3Q17

Download the Report in PDF: ADUS Report Download the Excel Model: ADUS Valuation Addus HomeCare Corp: Maintaining Growth Momentum Recommendation: OUTPERFORM Target Price                                        : $37.78 Closing Price                                      : $32.55 Upside (Downside) Potential             : +16.1% Company Profile Addus HomeCare Corporation provides a broad range of social and medical services in the home. The company’sContinue reading “Equity Research Report: Addus HomeCare 3Q17”

Valuation November 2016: Metrodata Electronics (MTDL.JK)

Metrodata Electronics is a stock that I have observed for over 3 years now. It’s valuation is cheap and provides a considerable upside potential from the current price. The business itself doesn’t grow very fast, but is stable. From my valuation incorporating higher risk-free rate (due to the rising government bond yield), results in targetContinue reading “Valuation November 2016: Metrodata Electronics (MTDL.JK)”