China: Peak Housing – Rogoff, K. S.

This piece is a summary of recent NBER paper by Kenneth Rogoff and Yuanchen Yang arguing that Chinese housing market fits the characteristics of a bubble and forms a significant portion of Chinese GDP. The original paper could be found: And the PDF version of this summary could be downloaded: Real estate and its associatedContinue reading “China: Peak Housing – Rogoff, K. S.”

Visegrad Countries: Bright Spot Amid Slowing European Growth

Download PDF: Visegrad Country Research Visegrad countries growth post-Soviet collapse has been impressive, averaging 4% for Poland and 2.5% for Hungary and Czech Republic, compared to 1.5% for Germany. Exports as % of each country GDP has more than doubled in the last two decades (page 13). Faster growth has narrowed the GDP per capitaContinue reading “Visegrad Countries: Bright Spot Amid Slowing European Growth”