Central and Eastern European Countries: Rising Rates Will Lift All Boats

Download PDF: Central banks in Czech and Hungary have begun to raise their policy rate this year amid acceleration in inflation as their domestic recovery unfolds, creating a tailwind for the koruna and forint against the Euro, which will not see the ECB raising its borrowing cost anytime soon (Chart 1). With Central and EasternContinue reading “Central and Eastern European Countries: Rising Rates Will Lift All Boats”

2021 EM Equity High Conviction Calls

Download PDF: Poland Polish manufacturing sector and exports have both staged a V-shaped recovery despite the reintroduction of a strict lockdown across major European countries (Chart 1). As an open economy that is highly integrated with European manufacturing sector Poland has benefited from the sharp recovery of German manufacturing (Chart 2-4), which points to aContinue reading “2021 EM Equity High Conviction Calls”

Visegrad Countries: Bright Spot Amid Slowing European Growth

Download PDF: Visegrad Country Research Visegrad countries growth post-Soviet collapse has been impressive, averaging 4% for Poland and 2.5% for Hungary and Czech Republic, compared to 1.5% for Germany. Exports as % of each country GDP has more than doubled in the last two decades (page 13). Faster growth has narrowed the GDP per capitaContinue reading “Visegrad Countries: Bright Spot Amid Slowing European Growth”