World Earnings and Valuation, Silver, EM Inflation

Download PDF: Developed World: Earnings and Valuation Outlook Earnings for most sector has recovered to pre-pandemic level, with health care and IT sector posting strong earnings in Q1. Growth expectations for both sectors, and materials, are strong and valuation is not demanding for the later. We believe that we are entering a structural bull marketContinue reading “World Earnings and Valuation, Silver, EM Inflation”

March 2021: Thoughts on Valuation, Oil, and Silver Demand

Download PDF: Part I. World’s Equity Valuation One year after the Covid-19-induced market crash, global equity market has gone through a V-shaped recovery with stock market in many countries breaking record high level amid ample monetary and fiscal stimulus. The U.S. market valuation – now trading at cyclically-adjusted P/E (CAPE) of 32 times – isContinue reading “March 2021: Thoughts on Valuation, Oil, and Silver Demand”

ETF Outlook and Overview of Smart/Multifactor ETF

Downlaod PDF: EM ETF PC Under-Investment in Emerging Markets Equity The past two decades’ development of global trade and foreign investment in developing countries have lifted the living standard of many, particularly in emerging Asian economies. Share of emerging markets economy in the world has increased by 20% to 34% of world as faster growthContinue reading “ETF Outlook and Overview of Smart/Multifactor ETF”