Turkey Revisited: The Good, Bad and Ugly

For the past several quarters, we have maintained a constructive view on Turkish assets, particularly on the country’s equity and currency, as valuations are already significantly depressed even before the COVID-19 rout. Percentile of equity multiples for Turkish equity is near its two decades low and the Turkish Lira is more than 20% undervalued, accordingContinue reading “Turkey Revisited: The Good, Bad and Ugly”

Relationship Between US Economic Indicator and Its Impact on Gold Price

Download the PDF Files with Graph: US Economic Indicator and its impact on Gold Price Saturday, December 29th 2017 This article is written to enhance the understanding of relationships between US monthly economic data and as a groundwork for my currency trade. The main goal is to find if difference in timing of the economic dataContinue reading “Relationship Between US Economic Indicator and Its Impact on Gold Price”