Retail Mania: Short Tesla Thesis

The price rally this year on tech and leading hot stocks have been phenomenal. Investors and sell-side analyst price target have been blown away by the stock performance, driven mostly by retail trader’s purchase, as could be seen from data provided by robintrack ( The website is a useful proxy for mania candidate and retailContinue reading “Retail Mania: Short Tesla Thesis”

Emerging Market Equities: Betting on the Underdog

Download PDF: Monthly_202005_Betting On the Underdog Reflection on the Past Decade  The financial market is characterized by the ebb and flow “leader” and “laggard” over time. The last decade was marked by the strong dollar cycle and boom in fast-growing technology stocks. In hindsight, the weak post-crisis growth outside U.S. and Fed’s tighter monetary policyContinue reading “Emerging Market Equities: Betting on the Underdog”

Tactical Trade: Short U.S. 10-year Treasury Notes

After a massively successful copper trade (up 7.17% since Dec 2nd monthly piece and closed today for profit taking) based on the thesis I wrote on this and last month’s monthly piece, I thought it would be great to supplement Putamen Growth Fund performance by also adding tactical trades based on current macro conditions. Derivatives,Continue reading “Tactical Trade: Short U.S. 10-year Treasury Notes”