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Specialist in Global Macro and Volatility Fund

A group of passionate individuals, we strive to deliver best-in-class performance for high net worth clients with high risk tolerance.

Opportunity in Every Cycle

At Putamen Capital, we believe that it is possible to generate positive return at every phase of the economic cycle. Supported by our in-house quantitative models and sound qualitative judgement, we seek to deliver value for our clients.

Mission Statement

We strive to deliver positive absolute return for our clients through superior investment analysis and discipline, guided by both quantitative and qualitative assessment.


Putamen Capital was established in August 2018 as a private hedge fund with the goal of building track record before public offering in the future. In November 2018, we introduced our first Quantitative Model on equity and global asset allocation strategy, which we then further developed and showcased in March 2019. In May 2020, we completed a major breakthrough in our research regarding Quantification of Market-Implied Cost of Equity (MICE), which will further advance our systematic trading strategy.

In order to further align the interests between clients and portfolio managers, every investment decision maker in the firm are obligated to have at least 30% of their net wealth (exc. house) invested in the fund managed. With headquarters in East Coast of Canada and satellite in South East Asia, we are committed to serve our clients in Northern America and Asia-Pacific.

Risk Management

We evaluate risk on four spectrum: market, credit, liquidity and operational. The overall goal is to avoid capital loss on the investment through the monitoring of tail risk and optimisation of risk budget. We exclusively use reputable prime broker to minimise the firm credit risk and have access to credit line to ease liquidity during period of market stresses.

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