Key Points: The Art of Short Selling -Kathryn F. Stanley

In the past few months, like many investors, I have been fascinated by the meteoric rise of NASDAQ and S&P 500 index amid the slump in U.S. economic activity. Companies like TSLA, which are popular among retail traders, have more than quadrupled in the past year and detach from reality. As market participant, the questionContinue reading “Key Points: The Art of Short Selling -Kathryn F. Stanley”

Key Points of “Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis”

Here’s the key points of Forex Trading book titled “Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis” by Ashraf Läidi. The book is quite expensive but worth well the price. I thought it would be helpful to outline the key points: Gold up -> Buy AUDUSD Intetest rate up, stable market -> Gold down Commodity currency = AUDContinue reading “Key Points of “Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis””